Holding Space Foundation

We believe that healing happens in community.
We believe that we are each other’s responsibility.
We believe that the load is lighter when we all help carry it.

What We Do

Healing Spaces

Group therapy for Black women and girls facilitated by licensed mental health professionals

Training Opportunities

Opportunities for mental health professionals to learn more about providing culturally responsive treatment to Black women and girls

Community Education

Lectures, classes, and workshops tailored to meet the needs of Black women and girls

Culturally relevant resources

Videos, podcasts, and worksheets designed to educate and entertain with the goal of further decreasing the stigma surrounding mental health

Holding Space Foundation

About Us

The Holding Space Foundation was established in 2021 by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, founder of Therapy for Black Girls, as a response to the growing need for mental health services for Black women and girls as a response to the pandemic and continued instances of race-based violence, sexism, and misogynoir. Seeing the need for more comprehensive and culturally-responsive services, the Holding Space Foundation was developed to provide group healing spaces for Black women and girls, training for mental health professionals, and community education with a focus on prevention. Our hope is that through these initiatives, Black women and girls have the space, knowledge, and resources to tend to their mental health.

Our mission is to provide resources and therapeutic spaces to aid Black women and girls in tending to their mental health.